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150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi

150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi

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Brand Name :SCXK
Model Number :P5
Certification :CE/ROHS/FCC/ISO/UL
Place of Origin :CHINA
MOQ :1 sqm
Price :negotiation
Payment Terms :T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability :5000 sqm per month
Delivery Time :7-10 days
Packaging Details :plywood case, flight case, you choose what you like.
Usage :On the top of car
Tube Chip Color :Full Color
Module size :320*160mm
Weight :18.2kg
Display Function :Video or image
Pixel Density :27778 dot/ m2
Pixel Configuration :3-in-1 1R1G1B
Warranty :3 years
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WIFI / 4G control P 5 LED sign for taxi play kinds of pictures and videos for advertising

Car LED display introduction:
LED car electronic display is installed in the car, using a dedicated power supply, control card, cell board manufacturing through dot matrix display text, pictures, animation, video equipment. It is a set of LED car display system independent of the rapid development of LED display. Compared with the ordinary door screen and fixed non-moving LED display, it is stable, anti-interference and anti-vibration. Dust and other requirements are higher. Vehicle LED is an extension of advertising media LED, used for outdoor information announcements, image ads, event advertising, mobile stage background, information media, live scores of events, is widely used in vehicles, ships, taxis and other means of transport.


1, mobile media, spread more, more extensive coverage, better results. Compared to other LED displays, the car LED is always in motion. Advertising information can be played on the road at any time with the car, and has a stronger spreading ability and a larger coverage area than a fixed advertising platform.

2. High brightness, adaptability, all-weather playback. Ultra-high-brightness LEDs are clearly visible from far away under the sun. From the south to the north, from east to west, cold, hot, dry and wet environments are adapted.

3. The operation is simple and easy to use. Whether using a computer or a mobile phone, changing information and playing videos is very convenient.

4. Modular design, reliable performance and easy maintenance. Display, control, power supply design, self-contained modules, more stable, easy maintenance.


★ ultra-thin design, easy to disassemble and install: reduce the space occupied by the car led display;

★ aluminum alloy cabinet: reduce the weight of the vehicle led display to reduce body weight;

★ channel-style exhaust design: reduce the use of fans. Reduce noise;

★Electrostatic protection measures: Prevent damage to led lights and driver ICs;
★ Wide voltage design: prevent the car from generating high pulse voltage when starting, braking or stopping the car and causing damage to the display. The
★ The installation of a movable lifting device, the lifting height can be adjusted according to customer needs.

★ Our products have introduced a set of low-power solutions that can save 1/3 of the energy of the original display when running, further reducing your operating costs;
★ With high refresh rate and high gray level, the screen of LED display is more realistic and meets the high visual quality requirements for commercial use;
★ With brightness, color point-by-point correction function, so that the LED display screen more abundant, to meet the high visual quality requirements for commercial use;

★ advertising content can be replaced at any time, around the clock show different ads for different customers; ★ support network control function that enables you to control the display of several cities in one place, at any time change the content you want to play;
★ With the multi-function card that we have equipped, you can use software timing or manual switch at any time to realize the unattended function;
★ The standardization of the box design enables the same box size to be applied to different pixel display requirements, making it easier to install LED advertising screens;
★ Waterproof effect is good, with IP65 protection level, suitable for outdoor use.

★ LED video control system with dual backup system, in the event of a failure, customers can immediately switch to the standby system;
★ The company also provides relevant maintenance spare parts for customers. All the spare parts are modular and easy for after-sales maintenance;
★ According to customer requirements and site environment, tailor the most appropriate LED display solutions;


1 Pixel Pitch 5mm
2 Pixel Configuration 3-in-1 1R1G1B
3 Pixel Density 27778dot/m2
4 Module Size 160*160mm
5 Module Resolution 32 *32dot
6 Module input Voltage 5V
7 Max Consumption 450W
8 Average Consumption 150W
9 White Balance Color 6000-15000K
10 Frame Size L:1100mm H:410mm,W:157mm(bottom),75mm(top)
11 Net Screen Size 960mm*320mm
12 Shell Size 1090x187(B)x90(A)x435mm
13 Brightness >5500cd/m2
14 Contrast Contrast >8000:1
15 Horizontal View Angle 120°
16 Vertical View Angle 120°
17 Optimal Viewing Distance 5m
18 Defects Rate ≤3/10000
19 Color 16777216
20 Brightness Control Red,Green and Blue 256 Grade/Each
21 Brightness Control 100 continuously adjustable, automatic / manua
22 Repetition Frequency >60-85Hz
23 Scan Frequency >1920Hz
24 Scan Mode 1/8 scan
25 Driving Method Constant current
26 Power supply DC12V
27 Life Span 100,000 hours
28 Brightness Change Rate <5%
29 Color Temperature 3500~12000 (White Field:6500-12000)
30 White Balance Coordinate Around X:Y=0.27:0.29
31 Control Mode 3G/4G/Earthen net/WIFI
32 GPS Yes
33 Screen Surface Flatness <1mm
34 Temperature Operating -30°~+60°
35 Working Humidity 10%–95%RH
36 Screen Protection Waterproof, rust-proof, dust-proof, anti-static, anti-mildew
37 Power Protection With over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage protection
38 Uniformity Between adjoin pixels: ≤5%; Between adjoin modules:≤3%
39 Mechanical Precision Module flatness <1.5mm patchwork accuracy <1mm
40 Screen Weight 18.2kg

Product item
150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi
150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi

Company profile150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi

150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi

150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi

Packaging and shipping
Wooden case or flight case package are available.
Shipping by sea,air or DHL,multiple shipping ways for your choice.
150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi

Order Procedure
Negotiation—First solution recommended—Finalize all the details—30% deposit in advance
or full deposit—Start production—Pay the balance—Shipment by sea or express—Provide tracking information—Feedback.

Buying Guides
In order to offer you a suitable solution, please follow the guides bellowing :
1,Star effect or video effect which you need.
2,Dimension (Width and Height)
3,Location of installation. (picture is best)
4,Purpose. ( what are you going to do with the LED Curtain)

After-Sale Service
1. Three year warranty , Lifetime free maintenance.
2. Complaint respond period not exceed 24 hours; maintenance guidance and problem solution supplied in 48 hours.
3. Customer satisfaction tracking report.
4. Free technician training.
5. Full set of documents free of charge, which including installation guidance, software operation manual, easy maintenance manual and control system software CD and so on
6. Special service for big project, such as stadium, exhibitions, squares and so on.

Salesman: Andy
Skype: Andy he
Wechat: he474367
Tel: +86-13574641422(whatsapp)

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China 150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi for sale

150W 27778 Dot /M2 Mobile Truck LED Sign WIFI 4G 1R1G1B For Taxi

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